What to Expect

What To Expect

I provide a balanced, grounded, and compassionate approach to help you cope with stress and improve your relationships.  You will know that you are improving when you feel more at ease with your life choices and notice improvement in the relationships that matter most to you.  Whatever your work is in therapy, you should expect the following from me:

Mutual respect

You should feel my respect for you the first time we speak and it is the foundation of our work together.


Judgment simply halts any progress in therapy.  You should feel my curiosity and care for you, not judgment.


This quality is what brings me to work everyday.  It is my desire to help people through their suffering, so that they can find peace within themselves and with others. 


In other words, you feel my undivided care and attention in sessions.


You should feel comfortable and safe in the office and with me.  You should never feel pushed to talk about or do anything that makes you feel unsafe in therapy.