Online Therapy

Online Therapy

I offer online therapy for individuals and couples.  Online therapy is increasingly recognized as an effective, confidential and convenient way to help people who need remote access to therapy. But if you have researched your online counseling options, you may be realizing that not all online therapy is the same. I have some strong beliefs and opinions about setting a high standard of care for online therapy and I’d like to state my biases and beliefs upfront.

Unlike membership-based online therapy options that are increasingly available, my online therapy clients enjoy the same professionalism, confidentiality and safety of a traditional fee-for-service office session. The only difference is that my clients can meet within the comfort and privacy of their own space, at their convenience.  Online therapy sessions with me happen in real time for a minimum of 60 minutes each session and I will coach you through how we co-create a private online therapeutic environment in a free 30 minute consultation so that your paid therapy time is 100% dedicated to your therapy and not the technology that enables it .

I believe that quality therapy is not a membership-based service, where your connection with your therapist comes through your smartphone in short bursts throughout the week. In my opinion, therapy is an intimate and direct relationship—occurring in real time—between you and I and nobody else. It takes the sustained time and focus of a full hour or more to do the deeper work. During this contained and undistracted time, we meet online—both of us showing up with a single-minded focus on your wellness and removing the obstacles to your wellness. Online therapy with me is an investment of time, attention and heart. Your investment in therapy is one that I take very seriously—whether we meet in the office or online.

To determine if online therapy is a good fit for you, I offer a free 30 minute consultation where you will get a feel for what it is like to work online with me.   This consultation is a good opportunity to meet and test out the online format, but in no way obliges you to begin therapy sessions with me. For confidential online therapy, I use an encrypted platform, specifically designed for online therapy called VSee.  VSee is a free program that you download to your computer, phone or tablet and it functions like Skype. In our consultation, we will troubleshoot any technical barriers to working online and you have an opportunity to ask me about my clinical experience and approach. 

Some of my clients who love online therapy include:

  • Couples with busy schedules

  • Post-partum mothers

  • Expats, volunteers, professionals and students living abroad

  • Residents of Texas with limited access to quality therapy

  • Caregivers struggling with burnout and self-care

  • Professionals who work remotely 

Finally, it takes some training to learn how to effectively do online therapy. I studied and received certification in Telemental Health and Digital Ethics from the Zur Institute and I now offer training to established therapists in private practice who are interested in learning how to offer remote therapy through the Pack Your Practice initiative.

I have been licensed by the Texas Board of Social Work Examiners as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Supervisor. My license number is 50294. Information on how to file a complaint with the Texas Board of Social Work Examiners can be found here.