What is Daring Mindfully?

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Daring Mindfully: A Mindful Approach to Wholehearted Living.  These offerings of workshops, practice groups, and retreats are the flowering of a process of merging my clinical training with my personal and professional practice of mindfulness and self-compassion.  

The work of the Daring Mindfully is about showing up for our whole lives, or to borrow a phrase from Jon Kabat-Zinn, it is about living the “full catastrophe” of our experiences.  The tools I offer are the practices of mindfulness and self-compassion.  These tools help us relate to the everyday joys and struggles of living so that we can stay with both, so that we can engage the experience of living with our whole hearts.  This engagement with both the highs and lows of life is, to me, what it means to be wholehearted.

So why take a Daring Mindfully workshop or a class?  People don’t tend to struggle as much with showing up for the happy parts of life; it’s the difficult moments that challenge us and make us want to turn away from our experiences.  Daring Mindfully provides a clear way to work with the struggle and vulnerability that accompanies an engaged life, so that we don't turn away. Mindfulness and self-compassion techniques help us tolerate uncomfortable states of vulnerability.  These tools help us to wisely respond to the challenges in our lives, rather than becoming reactive to them.  Most of us don’t get good training about how to sustain the vulnerable; we learn to avoid it, numb it, and make self-improvement plans to insulate us from future unpleasant feelings and experiences.  

Daring Mindfully is ultimately about training the mind in order to cultivate a responsive, resilient and open heart--one that is receptive and engaged with both the joys and struggles of life.