Why Blog?

After five years of stubborn resistance, I've started a blog.  The me of the past five years can't believe it, even as I write.

I am the person that refused to text for years.  I am light years behind in understanding Facebook.  I don't have a Twitter account.  I struggled to launch this most basic website.  The Shallows by Nicholas Carr and Sherry Turkle's Alone Together, were a few of my favorite reads this year.  I feel so lucky that my job is to sit face-to-face with people in a quiet room and be present. 

Yet, I am coming to understand that I have righteously clung to the judgment that most forms of social media cultivate social distractedness and disconnection.  And when righteousness is in the picture, I'm usually not at my best.  In fact, my righteous self misses all kinds of important information and opportunities for growth.  

So, I'm taking another look.

Through a series of conversations with friends and family that I respect, through years of reading and enjoying other peoples blogs, through my experience of maintaining long-distance friendships and family connections with Skype and email, I am forced to re-examine my beliefs and release the judgment.  

It's time to shed this technophobic skin and begin again.  I'm ready to integrate the me of the past five years with this current metamorphosis.  I'm going to write through it, struggle with how to do it, all the while with the intention to create authentic connection with others.