Megan Barnes Zesati, LCSW

MBZ Headshot.jpg
Judgment simply halts any progress in therapy. You should feel my curiosity and care for you, not judgment.

Megan Barnes Zesati is a psychotherapist in private practice located in downtown Austin. Megan provides counseling for adults and couples.  Through an approach that integrates mind, body, and emotions, she specializes in treating relationship stress in couples, breaking the cycle of depression and anxiety in adults and addressing work-life imbalances.

Therapy with Megan is a dynamic process in which she communicates openly and actively works with her clients to generate change. Megan has over 15 years of post-graduate clinical experience, is trained in EMDR for clearing emotional obstacles and is fluent in Spanish after having lived and worked in both Mexico and Costa Rica.  

As a convenience for couples, busy professionals and people living abroad, Megan offers online counseling sessions.  She also offers consulting for established therapists in private practice who are curious about online therapy through the Pack Your Practice initiative.